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Acid Reflux Treatment Tums

Other herbs are known for relieving indigestion that can lead to acid reflux. One of these herbs is chamomile. It has been used for centuries for its calming properties. It is believed to lead to lower stomach acid because of its high calcium content.

Recently, an implant was approved by the FDA as an acid reflux treatment for those who don't respond well enough to medication, but who want to avoid surgery. The implant is called Enteryx, and is a spongy solution that strengthens the Lower Esophageal Sphincter to keep the stomach acid from refluxing into the esophagus. The implant is injected during an endoscopy.

Once the food is in the stomach it goes through the digestion process, where acids and enzymes are produced in the stomach to break down the food and turn it into nutrients. In most cases there isn't more acid produced than needed for digestion, along with the acid remaining in the stomach while it is being used.

Fatty foods to avoid are whole milk and cream, animal and vegetable oils, fatty meats like bacon, sausage, and cold cuts - and especially avoid fried food preparation.

Common Digestive Disorders, Ulcers: The stomach and duodenum lining usually have mucous to avoid the effect of acidic digestive juices. However, if this lining which acts as a barrier is damaged, acids can erode the lining and cause inflammation. Eroded areas are referred as peptic ulcers.

If you have heartburn or think you might have acid reflux, explained or unexplained, go see your doctor. The doctor can determine what kind of acid reflux you have and what the probable cause is and help get you the best treatment that you need.

Digestive system herbal remedies have been around since the dawn of time, so the natural approach has a lengthy history of outstanding results without side effects and further damage to the system.

Pineapples and lemons can also be used for acid reflux treatment. Pineapples support digestion, and have a high level of the enzyme bromelain, that helps prevent acid reflux.

Constipation. The clinical definition of constipation is when a person as a bowel movement less than three times a week. It is also marked by hard stools that are difficult to pass. It is not a true disease but often a symptom of an unhealthy diet. Constipation is a very common disorder and it routinely afflicts more than four million Americans a year.

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